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Hey Minions,

 I am so sorry for the inactivity. I have been super busy and I’ve been meaning to do confessions but life keeps getting in the way. It’s been a really rough year. Anyways, I am going to start doing confessions now, and I think I may choose one of you who are interested to make confessions with me for extra help. Thanks for all the followers who have been with us since the beginning! <3

I like to think that the last book does not exist.

Because Nelly was killed off. And that was just taking it too far. T_T OtisxNelly was my OTP!!!

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Anonymous whispered, "Should The Chronicle Of Vladimir Tod get a movie deal?"


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I <3 Auntie Heather!


This woman is far to adorable for words <3

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That moment when the Vladimir Tod tag has an update. 


Is the apocalypse starting?!

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